Monday, May 3, 2010

I need.....I want

I was talking to a friend yesterday. I made the comment that I don't need this, but I WANT this. It really got me thinking after I said it. It got me thinking about life. There are so many things in life that are necessities, and sometimes it is hard to distinguish between what you want and what you need. So, as always, I questioned myself.

What do I WANT?

I want life to go as I planned it. (Yeah right.)
I want my kids to be happy.
I want to be the best mother that I can be.
I want to be loved.
I want my store opening tomorrow to go well.
I want to be successful.
I want to pay off my bills.
I want to do what makes me happy.
I want a new car.
I want to know where God is taking me in life.

What do I NEED?

I need God.
I need my kids.

Wow! My needs list is so much shorter, but so much more important. What else really matters? Just my kids and my God. Without them I am nothing. So Maybe instead of focusing on my wants, I need to focus on my needs. I know what I need. I know what I can't live without. And the two things I can't live without, are the most important things in the world.

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