Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pure Joy

What is happiness?

I think that for every single person, it is something different. Everyone has certain things that make them happy, that bring them joy. Often, it is the little things that make people the most happy. Even on the worst days, there are always those things that make me smile, no matter what is going on in my crazy mixed up life right now. These are the things that bring my life the most joy:

The sounds of my laughing children.

The smell of fresh coffee in the morning.

An unexpected call from a friend or family member.

A cheesy vibrant smile from my nephew.

My son saying "yuv oo too mommy."

Hanging out watching movies with my friends.

The smell of lilacs.

Long walks in the park.

A good book under a cool shade tree.

My point is, that life is hard. But if you can find pure joy and happiness in the little things in life, the days don't seem so bad. So look for something good today. One thing that can make you smile or laugh and just hold onto it. And when things don't seem to be going right, bring up that memory and just smile. Find something to smile about today.

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