Thursday, August 5, 2010


Seasons come and go, just like phases in your life. You have spring, beautiful and breezy, with life starting to grow everywhere. Then you have summertime, hot and humid, but full of fun and enjoyment. Fall is beautiful at the beginning, but cold and damp in the end. Then there is winter. Winter is cold, but beautiful in its own way. I think I can put my life so far into these seasons pretty easily.

The first part of my life was quite obviously spring. It is easy to put my childhood into springtime. Spring is full of life starting to grow. When I remember spring growing up, I remember finally getting to run and play outside. I have so many memories that took place in the springtime. As a child, you are so excited cause summer is almost here.

Summertime, would be the time between high school and when I got married. That is the time in my life, as it is with most young adults, that was filled with fun and enjoyment. Though some of the choices I made in that time were not necessarily good decisions, I had fun. Everyone knows that summertime is full of excitement and new things, just as my life at the time was excitement and fun and new things.

I would definitely put the years I was married into fall. Fall is beautiful in the beginning. The leaves are changing and the weather is usually perfect. Yes, there are a few cold days in the beginning of fall, but mostly you have nice days. The same can be said for the beginning of my marriage. I have so many good memories from the beginning of my marriage. The unfortunate thing about fall is that it ushers in winter. The end of fall is cold, and, if you want to get technical, the leaves that were so beautiful in the beginning of fall, were actually dying. Seems harsh, but the leaves were doomed from the beginning. I often wonder if you can say that about my marriage, as horrible and awful as that may sound.

Winter, is quite obviously the time in my life I have been experiencing this year....cold and dark. That may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but there were times when it felt that way. However, winter can also be beautiful, even though it is cold, with the newly fallen snow. I can think of many things that have happened through out this year that have been great, even beautiful. So even though it has been a rough, cold, long road, there have been some good moments.

And the best thing about winter is that it brings in spring. And spring is, of course, new life.

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