Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Misplaced Anger?

It was recently brought to my attention that maybe some of my anger is misplaced on the wrong things rather than on what is actually the root cause. That may be true. Well, actually, I KNOW that is true.

For example, I absolutely, DESPISE the game World of Warcraft. Seeing that game, even hearing people talk about that game, stirs up emotions and memories that I cannot control. I can't help but hate that game with a passion.

When I see someone playing WoW, I remember getting yelled at for asking a question or trying to talk to my husband while he was playing it. I remember getting completely ignored for years while that game was the background noise for hours and hours on end. I remember feeling helpless when my kids tried to get his attention while the game seemed to be the only thing that mattered. I remember feeling all alone in the hospital room while in labor with my son the night before he was born because my husband had to go home and play that game.

Oh, yes, I will definitely agree that my anger is displaced. I have blamed WoW for my marriage breaking up. I have blamed WoW for a lot. I hate WoW. I detest. I despise WoW. Even after all the hurt I have endured, I cannot hate him. It is so much easier to hate that game.

So, it may be misplaced anger and hatred, but I will forever HATE that game. To me, hating an object is so much easier and healthier than hating a person that you loved for 10 years.

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