Monday, November 29, 2010

Addict going through withdraw

I have not had much Internet access in the last few weeks. I moved two weeks ago and have gotten online a few times using friend's and family's computers.

I realized something in that time. I do everything on the net. I am not sure when I got to that point. I used to be able to go days or even a week with out Internet access. Crazy, I know, but unfortunately it is very true.

I pay my bills on line.
I chat with friends on line.
I talk to family on line.
I play games on line.
I even write on line.

So the last few weeks I have felt like an addict going through withdraws.

One positive thing is that I started writing in my journal again. here is something a little more freeing about writing as opposed to typing. So I am going to keep it up. Over the next few days, you will probably see a lot of posts from what I have wrote in the last few weeks.

No more withdraws. I have my addiction back. :)

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