Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In HIS Hands

I have to admit, I have been rather frustrated lately. Bills seem to pile up and I just can't catch up. I know that as soon as I catch up I will be fine. Just catching up is the problem. It seems just when I think I am getting caught up, here is another unexpected bill. It is frustrating, as I am sure MANY people understand.

Monday night, I figured my bills that needed to get paid this week. Then I cried. No joke, I really did.

I prayed that night to God that he take it all. It's in His hands. I know that He will take care of me and He WILL provide to me. I just have to remember to place it all in His hands. Usually, it takes a little bit of patience to see Him working. Not this time.

Tuesday, I got a phone call about my car payment that was behind. The lady wanted to know when I was going to pay and what had caused me to get behind. Then she asked me if it would help if they deferred my November and December payments. I could pick back up with my payments on my normal due date in January.

About an hour later I called Nipsco to see if my services had been transferred to my new address and if there was still a balance. I had talked to them once, but I called to double check anyways and found out that I had misunderstood. They had actually canceled my Nipsco account and were waiting for me to call them to set up at the new address. Since my account was cancelled, my deposit that I paid almost 5 years ago was used to cover my pre-existing bill, and the rest was credited to my account. For some reason, my new deposit was 1/3 of the original one that I paid 5 years ago, so my credit was able to be used to cover the new deposit AND there is still a $359.00 credit on my Nipsco account. I don't have to pay a bill for Nipsco till at least February.

That is so cool.

I truly don't believe that it was all coincidence that this all happened the day after I told God I needed help and it was in His Hands.

God is Good. And he is continually showing me why.

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  1. i love hearing stories like that! it's cool that you get to be the story sharer... God is good!