Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dancing around the Truth

"Why can't we be a family anymore?"
"Why don't you live with daddy now?"
"How come Samantha gets to live with daddy instead of you?"
"Will we ever be able to live together with you and daddy?"
"I want you to come over so you can see daddy. Can you?"
"Why aren't you and daddy married anymore?"
"Lil Grandma says that daddy doesn't love you anymore. Why?"
"Did you and daddy fight all the time?"
"Will my cousin Michael ever get to see my daddy again?"


"Mommy, I have a wish but my wish will never come true......Mommy, If I wished that you and daddy could live together as roommates again, do you think that wish would come true? It's ok mommy, I know it won't come true."

After over a year, I like to think that I am doing better than most people would be under the same circumstances. God has shown me love. He has given me strength. I have done a great job of moving on and making my life better. I am happy and healthy. I don't get sad when I think about Chad or the divorce. Not even a little bit. That the honest truth.

But when it comes to the innocent, heartfelt questions from, my five year old, my heart breaks. My heart doesn't break for me. I can deal with what the choices my ex husband has made have done to me. My heart breaks for Christina and Logan.

How do you answer these questions? How do I explain such things to a Six year old, especially when I don't even know all the answers?

So I do the best I can, because I refuse to be the one that says bad things about the other parent. I refuse to lie to her, but there are some things that I know she just won't understand. So I sidestep my way around answering the questions completely. Someday, when the time is right she will want real answers. When that time comes, hopefully, a long time from now, I will tell her.

Until then, I am dancing around the truth........

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