Monday, June 20, 2011

Playing Poker

The other night my boyfriend and I went for a walk. One of those late night walks that lasted a few hours. One of those walks where we talked nonstop about life for the entire night.

A couple of times I stopped and just smiled. When I did this he would think there was something wrong, but in all actuality, there was nothing wrong at all.

Its kinda silly, but I was just stopping to take it all in. I wanted to remember that moment because I am walking on new ground with this relationship. You would think there would be nothing new to me when it comes to relationships, as I am 31 years old.

Honestly, I find it hard to believe I can find anything at all to talk about for that long with this man. I have known him for almost twelve years we have nothing in common. Nothing is a bad word to use here. Let's just say opposites attract.

I am a politically conservative Christian and I attend a Missionary Church. I love watching dramas and chick flicks, with an occasional action or suspense movie. I love the food channel. I love reading and collecting old books, but really just love to read the classic literature and poetry. I love the farm life and living in a small town. I am happiest when surrounded by all the people I love. I love a good debate, so long as I am not the one debating.

He is a Catholic Democrat.

Yep that's right. He is an oxy moron and I tell him so all the time. He is a Catholic Democrat that loves to watch the history channel and the science channel for hours on end. He enjoys action and science fiction movies. He seems to prefer to read non-fiction as opposed to classic novels, however has read more classic literature than I probably have. He also loves to be surrounded by loved ones, but is always the one at the center of any debate. He's from Chicago and loves the city life.


We have some important things in common, other than the fact that we share the same friends. We both love God and believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we could be saved. We both love animals and collecting old books. We both love to be surrounded by loved ones. We have both been through the heartache of a Divorce that we didn't want....

Yup, that's about it for the commonalities between us. Oh yeah, and we enjoy going for walks.

I had a point here before I got side tracked....

Oh yeah....During our walk I stopped to take it all in. The newness of the relationship and the time we were sharing together. I don't remember a conversation ever lasting for hours on end with my ex husband, and we were together for ten years.

I mentioned this thought to my boyfriend and he started talking about how this is definitely not where he would ever see his life going. He used the phrase, "playing with the Hand the God deals you."

I thought it was funny at the time, as we were discussing past relationships and how we got to where we are today. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was true.

Life is kinda a game of poker.

The perfect life is a Royal Flush. The odds of getting dealt that hand are slim to we hope for a full house.

Sometimes we are dealt crap. We can either fold or try to bluff in hopes of getting by. We trade in a few cards in hopes of getting something better. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

Point being.......

I wish I could just fold, but I have to much pride for that. I am gonna play the cards God put in front of me. I might win and I might lose.

But I am gonna keep playing till God gives me a full house.

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