Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two....I mean Three sides to every story

After I learned my husband and I were splitting, someone told me, in a not so nice way, that there are two sides to every story. This is semi-true. There are definitely two, sometimes completely different sides, to every story. However, there is a third side that is often forgotten....what actually happened.

I admit that I may not remember things the same way as my husband does. Even after only 7 months, I know there are things that I remember happening one way, and he remembers another. I am more than willing to admit that there are some things that we may even have seen differently when it happened. I may have reacted in a way that led him to believe that it happened one way when it actually happened another. AND I am sure the same thing goes for him.

For some reason, when we are telling out prospective sides of the story, what actually happened is bound to get mixed up and lost. So much to the point that looking back in a year or two, some things even now looking back, we may not even remember how we actually got to where we are. I believe that this is how we get two sides to every story. It may not be purposefully, at least I hope not, but it does happen.

So, we now have three sides to this "story": his side, my side, and what actually happened. I can only hope that what actually happened doesn't get too lost as the years go by.

Now, that being said, there is a point to my ramblings. (At least this time, cause we all know I like to ramble a lot.) The point is that telling blatant lies that we both know are not true, just so you can save face, is not cool.

When I hear a lie about myself, and I know that we both know it isn't true, well, it kinda makes me extremely irritated. So.......lie all you want to save face in front of your friends......we both know the truth.

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