Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Bucket List promised, here is my bucket list. Some things are way out there and some things are not. some are so completely random, you may laugh. But here it bucket list. (Keep in mind that this is things for me and not the kids. They are always my first and primary responsibility. But I wanted this list to be a list for ME.) It's a short list and I might add to it, but here goes nothing.

  • I want to go back to college and get my degree. (In what I don't know yet.)
  • I want to go sailing.
  • I want to fall in love again with someone that will appreciate me for me.
  • I want to know what its like to feel that same love in return.
  • I wanna go camping. (Haven't been since I was a kid.)
  • I wanna go skydiving.
  • I wanna visit another country cause I have never been out of the United States.
  • I wanna take a Vacation Every Summer with my kids.
  • I want to get in my car and just drive somewhere on a road trip. I wanna be spontaneous for once in my life!

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