Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Sassy Little Smarty Pants

I spent and hour in the car with my daughter Christina yesterday. She is a very interesting little girl. She is five and a true thinker. She has all the qualities of truly intelligent people, including no social skills and a very dry sense of humor. Now when I say no social skills, I mean that she runs and hides when she meets children she doesn't know and she has been know to scream when adults she doesn't know talk to her. And when I say she has a dry sense of humor, I mean, for example, that most kids at her age love knock knock jokes. This is how the knock knock joke went the other day that I told her:

Me: Hey Christina, KNOCK KNOCK

Christina: (Sighs) who's there?

Me: Banana

Christina: Banana Who?


Christina: Mommy Who's there?

Me: Banana

Christina: You already said that.

Me: I know but you gotta say Banana Who

Christina: (Another, longer sigh) Banana Who?

(Generally I would do the banana a few more times, but decided to end the joke)


Christina: (Extremely Exasperated at this point) WHO'S THERE!?

Me: Orange

Christina: Orange who

Me: Orange you glad I didn't say banana again?

Christina: YES I AM

Normal five year olds would find this joke funny. My beautiful daughter found it irritating. So I have learned that knock knock jokes are a bad thing to tell Christina cause they are apparently annoying.

So back to the car ride yesterday. We are driving to North Webster to take the kids to my mom at work. Logan has passed out cold and its just me and Christina. Have you ever been in the car with a five year old for an hour of non stop talking? It can be highly entertaining. The car ride started out with my daughter having issues with her seat belt. I am starting the car as I hear "stupid Freakin thing!" I knew it was gonna be an interesting ride. We didn't get five minutes down the road when I hear "Mommy, Mommy?" When I answered she says, " Did you know that sharks never run out of teeth?" And then another two minutes pass and I hear, "Mommy, Mommy?" (Why she always has to say it twice I am not sure, but it can get a little irritating after a while!) I answer and she says, " Did you know that octopuses can feel and taste at the same time? And did you know they squirt ink?" Oh boy, they just learned about sea creatures in school, so I know I am about to get a complete run down of every oceanic animal she knows.

I love that my daughter loves to learn knew things. But I often wonder if a 5 year old should really know the meaning of the word DILAPIDATED. Really? I was an English major in school and I don't use that word in conversation.

Christina being so smart is sometimes highly humorous, as well. She has to think every thing through. A five year old that thinks before she speaks is funny to watch because she may be smart, but she is still five. So it doesn't always come out the way she had planned it and heaven forbid you laugh when she says something funny, especially if it wasn't meant to be funny.

I really love that smart little sassy girl. I love her so much. Even on the days she is 5 going on 15. My life wouldn't be the same without her.

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