Saturday, April 24, 2010


I love to talk but somehow, I have problems Communicating. I can talk about nothing all day long, but when it is something important, I have issues communicating with people. It could be someone I talk to everyday. It could be someone I tell everything to. But sometimes, some things are difficult to talk about.

Funny how you can talk and talk and talk and not communicate a single thing. I have the habit of waiting for the "perfect opportunity" or "when the moment is right." Sometimes I have to realize that the perfect moment is sometimes right now. Not when the subject comes up. Not when the mood is right. THE PERFECT MOMENT IS RIGHT NOW!

One would think that after my marriage broke, I would have learned that communication is key in all relationships...whether it is a romantic relationship, with family, a friendship, or business relationships. YOU HAVE TO COMMUNICATE! My marriage failed primarily because of lack of communication on both parts.

And yet, I still struggle to communicate with people. So I am gonna really start communicating with people RIGHT NOW. I am not gonna wait cause then I never say anything and I bottle it up inside while I wait for that one single perfect moment. And sometimes that perfect moment never comes and my feelings and/or thoughts stay bottled up.

No more. Life sucks when you bottle up your feelings. All it does is make you stressed out. I have enough to stress about!

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