Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What brings you joy?

I always relished some peace and quiet. Especially after I had kids. I learned to enjoy my quiet times. Now, with my kids gone half the week, I have learned that my quiet time is now the time I have without them. I would rather spend every waking minute in a crazy, noisy house with them, than by myself. It has really made me appreciate the trucks getting banged into the wall, the telling each other what to do, and even the screaming and yelling . Sounds crazy, I know, but if I hear the screaming and yelling, then it means that my babies are in my house with me, where I want them to be always.

It brings me joy to hear the laughter in their voices and see their smiles. But it has made me appreciate all the more the crazy hectic life of a mom. I would trade every minute of peace and quiet I have to be with them all day every day. I don't think anything will make me appreciate my kids and motherhood more than this.

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